Nice business gifts and promotional items for the summer period

Promoting and making a good impression as a company is not something that ends during the cucumber season, when many are taking a break on summer holidays. Not only do you want to continue to be seen, you also want to go that extra mile so that your customers also think about you with a positive feeling during the holiday. You can achieve this by using the right promotional items as a promotional gift. You can then have this provided with the logo of your company. Here are some tips for summer items that have a good chance of being popular with your customers.


There are three categories of sunglasses wearers. The first has expensive brand sunglasses that he is careful with. The second wears sunglasses with strength that he must be careful with. The third is the ‘casual’ sunglasses wearer who does not see it as a fashion statement and does not need prescription sunglasses. You can easily reach the latter, quite broad category, by offering them sunglasses with the logo of your company. They find such glasses handy for in the car and for when their permanent sunglasses are broken, and will gladly use them. So having sunglasses with a logo made is definitely recommended.

Beach ball

Many families with children go on holiday to a place where the weather is nice and where the children can play on the beach or by the pool. In addition, a nice sports and game item such as a beach ball is in great demand. Children are also not concerned with what kind of logo is on such a ball. The chance that such a beach ball will go on holiday and be put into use is quite high. Then you know that you have made children happy (and the parents too), and that others will see your company name fly and bounce by. An absolute win-win situation.


It is also fun to fly a kite on the same beach. Not every child has his own kite, so the chance that a kite offered by your company is an addition to the arsenal of play material is quite high. A kite can easily be taken with you on vacation, because it takes up very little space. Here too there is a good opportunity to make both children and parents happy with this little gift. Of course you have your logo put on it, after all a child finds it much more important that he has a kite than what is on it. When the kite has found the airspace, the entire beach can enjoy your flying logo, which can only do your name recognition good.

Air mattress

Everyone’s dream of the ultimate relaxing holiday is floating on the water in the sun on your own air mattress. Not everyone has their own air mattress, let alone air mattresses for the entire group. Here you as a company can make a good impression with a handy corporate gift, because a piece of relaxation on holiday is offered by your company. The user of the air mattress will be grateful to you and sincerely consider it a beautiful gift. Of course you also provide the air mattress with a large logo of your company so that bystanders at the pool or on the beach can see it.

Beach umbrella

Sun is wonderful, but shade is sometimes very nice. After all, some people burn faster than others, and sometimes it can be really very hot on vacation. Then a beach umbrella is a great luxury. You can rent them on many beaches, but we remain Dutch people who prefer to keep the hard-earned holiday pay in their pocket. Not everyone buys a parasol that you only use during those two weeks of summer vacation. But if you now get one for freeā€¦ The advantage for you as an entrepreneur: many plus points for the customer for this luxury gift, and your logo on the parasol is prominently and visibly parked on the beach all day long.