How do you make a strong flyer to promote your business?

Entrepreneurs regularly invest in having flyers printed to promote their business. These flyers are distributed on the street, in shops or at fairs. Unfortunately, however, it is often an investment that yields too little, because they disappear very quickly in the trash. Of course you want to try to avoid that: you want your message to attract attention and arrive quickly. How do you make a strong flyer to promote your business?

Determine target group

You want to reach your target group with your flyer. That means that you also have to tailor the design to your target group. Therefore, first map out for whom the flyer is intended. Children, young people, adults and the elderly may require different designs to address. For example, where young people can go for busy, colorful and fluent language, it is more sensible for older people to go for a calmer, more chic design.

Determining the goal

What do you want to achieve with your flyer ? Do you want to draw attention to your company, do you want to draw attention to a specific product or do you want to encourage people to take action? This should be clear to the recipient at a glance. If the message doesn’t interest the recipient at first glance, your flyer will disappear straight away in the trash and you’ve actually wasted money. So be clear and to the point .


Layout is crucial to the success of your flyer. Messy formatting not only makes reading and understanding the message difficult, it also makes it unprofessional. Therefore, have your flyer drawn up by a professional desktop publishing company. An important element in your flyer is the headline. It has to be big and be the first to attract attention. This must contain your message or what you are promoting. Images often speak faster than text, so this element is also very important. Provide professional visual material by, for example, having a real photo shoot performed for it. You can also use this visual material for other things. Make sure the colors you use in your flyer match your corporate identity and your logo.


You must of course provide the minimum required information about what you are promoting. That is why you must formulate a text in which you briefly and concisely tell about your product, service, promotion or event. If you want people to take action on the basis of your flyer, invite them to do so by calling them to visit your website or come to your store. Make it clear why they should be with you and not with the competitor. Don’t stuff your flyer, but also use ‘white space’ to draw attention to the most important texts.

Contact information

You would almost forget, but you should definitely not leave out your contact information on your flyer. After all, what good is your flyer for people if they don’t know how to contact you? Therefore, make sure that your company name, telephone number and website are clearly stated. In the case of a store, an address is also crucial. If you are promoting an event, you must of course state the date and location of the event.

Social media

Do you actively use social media in the marketing of your company ? How could it be otherwise in this time. Try to entice the recipients of your flyers to start following your company on the channels on which you are active. Therefore put links or accounts from your social media in a corner on your flyer. Then hopefully you will no longer need flyers to reach the same people, because they will already follow you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!