All You Need To Know About Baby Car Types

All You Need To Know About Baby Car Types

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Still, this feeling is followed by several responsibilities, like taking proper care of the baby, looking after their health and safety best pack and play with bassinet. If you do so, then one thing that you may never underestimate while driving a car is the safety of your baby. Car seats are an eternal part of any car, and while travelling with a baby or a child who is not more than twelve years old, it becomes the driver’s responsibility to provide them with a comfortable and secured seat in the car. 

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The safety of the baby is really important

There are several ways to ensure a baby’s safety in a car, like the proper locking of door, smart handling of the windshield,d etc. But the most important among all of these is the baby car types. Nowadays cars are manufactured so that baby seats could be easily fitted in them, this has happened to avoid any harm to the baby while travelling.

Different types of baby car seats

Parents usually find it difficult to get an appropriate baby seat for their car as there are several seat types available in the market. The best Car seat for a baby is the one that fits completely according to their weight, age and height. Some baby car types are given below. Keep on reading to know more about it. 

Rear-facing seats

These seats are best for newborn babies, and they are completely safe in them. The neck, head and spine of the baby are provided with special protection. The seats with rear-facing are used till the baby grows up to one and a half year old, and it is appropriate for the baby that weighs about twenty-nine pounds. It is good for using them in the vehicle’s front, but it is suggested to use them in the rear. The bags are designed to keep in mind the needs of both the parents, and it is for this reason, everything about the needs of the parents is taken proper care of. You can choose from the various options and various sizes that are available in these bags.

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Forward-facing seats

These seats are suggested to be used for children between the ages of nine and four years, and the supported weight should lie between twenty to forty pounds. Like the rear-facing seats, these could also be used in front of the car but are suggested to use at the back. The forward-facing seat also comes with harnesses which provide even more safety, support and protection to the baby. These seats are for children that are more than the age of four years, and they could be used till they are big enough to sit on normal car seats. 

These seats are of very premium quality, and they are convertible as well. After the baby’s weight becomes more than fifty-five pounds, the rear section could be removed, turning it into a cushion. It is suggested to change the type of baby car seats once the baby’s head appears above the seat’s top.